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When to Consider a Merger or Acquisition

Businesses in McKinney and other areas of Texas often go through mergers and acquisitions, known as M&A, to benefit their organizations. A merger means that a new business forms when two businesses combine while an acquisition takes place when a firm buys another firm.

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What to Do if You Suspect Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property, or IP, is likely the bedrock of your business, establishing your brand so that your company can profit from the products and services you offer. The United States has a set of regulations that allow you to retain your rights to avoid IP fraud and theft.

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How Attorneys Help with Business Start-Ups

Many Texas entrepreneurs are the type of people that will say they can accomplish a goal before being told what it is. But while this type of can-do spirit is admirable, even the most capable people need to know when calling for help is necessary.

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How Do You Make Sure No One Infringes on Your Trademark in Texas?

Registering your trademark is only a small part of the battle in protecting your mark. You need to keep sharp eyes on the lookout for marks too similar to yours and respond quickly to the problem when it does occur.

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The Variety, Complexities and Details Within Real Estate Law

Savviness is a good attribute to have when investing in commercial, industrial and residential real estate as well as land. However, personal knowledge and research can only go so far in an investment area where you may be a novice or only have a basic understanding.

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Ensure Your Trademark Is as Unique as Yourself

A unique trademark not only helps you stand out from the crowd, it’s also likely to actually receive trademark protection. Any word, name, symbol, device, or combination thereof may be trademarked.

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