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How Do You Make Sure No One Infringes on Your Trademark in Texas?

March 5, 2021

Registering your trademark is only a small part of the battle in protecting your mark. You need to keep sharp eyes on the lookout for marks too similar to yours and respond quickly to the problem when it does occur.

Take Action Fast

You can lose your trademark rights when you don’t diligently police them. Have a system in place for checking for trademark infringement. When you spot someone who is using your trademark or something that’s too similar, you need to take fast action in order to protect your rights. Speaking with a lawyer who deals with copyrights and trademarks is a good idea in this situation.

Actively Search for Trademark Infringement

There are several ways you can actively watch for an infringement. It’s best to delegate this task to someone else whether you choose people from your team or a company that offers this service. Key places to watch are trade shows, publications, online marketplaces, and internet searches.

Monitor the USPTO

Sometimes, an infringing mark makes its way onto the USPTO website. You can oppose an infringing mark that’s on this website. However, keep in mind that opposing it doesn’t prevent the person from using it. You should continue to observe in case you need to take further legal action to protect your trademark.

Having personnel or a company actively check for marks that are too similar to yours is the way to protect your trademark. Often, you can resolve the problem through a simple cease and desist notice. When the person ignores the notice, however, you need to take additional legal action.