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How Attorneys Help with Business Start-Ups

April 6, 2021

Many Texas entrepreneurs are the type of people that will say they can accomplish a goal before being told what it is. But while this type of can-do spirit is admirable, even the most capable people need to know when calling for help is necessary. Entrepreneurs debating about whether they need to employ an attorney to help with a new business will only need to think of the vital role these professionals play in the process.


Contracts are legally binding agreements between business partners, employees, and investors. These contracts provide the framework that governs business relationships. A lawyer will be able to understand and negotiate these documents in favor of their client.

Business Structure

Possible business structures available for business start-ups include partnerships, sole proprietorships, and corporations. The chosen business structure will influence personal liability for business owners, legal responsibility, and tax implications. The business structure new business owners select will also govern some of the daily operations of the company.

Licensing and Registration

Many new businesses will need to register with local or state governments. Licenses and permits particular to the business industry may be necessary even when government registration is not.

Start-Up Capital

A new business may need to raise a substantial amount of capital before opening its doors to the public. Detailed records of the money raised through fundraising efforts and how the company uses the capital will become necessary. The experience of a business lawyer will help the company live up to these fiscal responsibilities.

Establish autonomy

Many things for business owners will become decided for them if they do not take the initiative to decide for themselves. Uniform business laws will govern some of the procedures for companies that do not complete their by-laws, charter agreements, and other organizing documents.

New business owners will likely need more than their entrepreneurial spirit to get their new business off to a good start. The many complex rules and regulations involved with the process can become a chore to navigate without prior experience. New business owners may benefit from the services of an attorney.